Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cribs, Uganda Edition

Hey guys, this is Jake. She has paid me big money to do a guest post tonight.

We've been living at the orphanage Baby U is at for a week now. So, we decided it was time to show you around the place.

Overall, it is really nice. It is one of the top “baby homes” in Uganda. It is well kept up and pretty big. Here are a few pictures of the outside of the home.

The orphanage has a second story with a room, a bathroom and a covered porch. We live/sleep upstairs and we take Baby U up there each day so we can have time together as a family of 4. This helps us bond and is a lot of fun. Here are some pics of our living space...

Downstairs is where the 30 precious orphans live. It is very hard going downstairs. These kids are cute and they need parents. They are dying for, and deserving of, undivided attention and cling to us with a desperation that hurts. It is not uncommon for Krista and I both to be holding two kids at once while two other cute kids pull at our legs begging for their turn to be held. Like I said, going downstairs is hard, but God is giving us vivid pictures of how broken this world is and He is giving us an awesome opportunity to love on these kids while we are here. So, we try to remember that each time we walk downstairs. And, of course this makes us pray like crazy that God would send loving families their way. Here are some pics of the downstairs and some of the kids...

Here are a couple of other funny things about living here:

- - They heat the water by running a metal water pipe through a wood burning furnace

- - That same metal pipe runs next to the bathtub and will burn the hell out of your arm if you accidentally touch it. (I have twice and have the burn scars to prove it.)

- - The water here is a nice light brown, which makes it hard to feel clean when you take a bath, but easy to convince Camp not to drink it.

- - They have a banana tree with bananas growing on it right outside of the house. We are fascinated by that.

- - Camp, Krista and I are all sharing a king size bed and at night we cover it with a large mosquito net. Camp calls it his tent.

- - They are not kidding with this, “watch your step” sign. Krista almost has to get down on all fours to make that step.

- - There is a steady flow of ants in the kitchen, which leads to Krista getting more ant bites while cleaning dishes than when she goes outside.

- - We get to enjoy one of the most beautiful views from our balcony. We look out over the countryside and Lake Victoria. It really is pretty.

So that is our home for one more week. On Friday we hope to move out from here, with Baby U, and move into missionary housing.

Thanks again for your continued prayers. Baby U continues to bond with us and Camp is feeling a lot better! We continue to be amazed at how gracious God is being to us. Also, tonight Baby U is sleeping upstairs in our room with us for the first time. At least I say sleeping...I hope that is what happens. Either way though, it is great to be a family of 4.

Have a great day! We will post again tomorrow.


Beth said...

You know, I have been super curious about what it looks like where you are living, so thank you for this! So fun to see what you are experiences over there on a day to day. Miss you guys a ton but we are so excited to see what God is doing through everything!

Cynthia said...

Thanks guys!! We are praying for all of you daily. We are so excited about what God is doing, and our hearts are continually being burdened for the orphans. We will add the other orphans there to our prayers as well. I can imagine that is hard to not bring them all home.

Love, prayers, and hugs,
The Coppingers

Shanna said...

Just got caught up on your trip. Glad things are going better for you guys! Praying for a favorable ruling tomorrow.

Heidi Rogers said...

This is the most beautiful process you guys are going through right now! I am such a huge fan of international adoption and have been all my life, and to see people that I know actually doing it is beautiful! I am praying for y'all and Baby U this week and for the court date this Friday! I hope I'm privileged enough to meet your new son someday! You guys are amazing!


Heidi :)

Nathan said...

hi am Nathan, and am Ugandan working in the Emirates, i want to start an Orphanage too. What advice can you share with me to give me a clue on how to go about it. my email ( thanks. God bless you for what you do for those kids.