Saturday, October 15, 2011

Our New Little Man

Well, I promised you pictures! We can't post anything identifiable until we are granted guardianship, but these were too good to pass up. So here are some pictures along with a few things we've come to learn about him.

He LOVES to wear his daddy's hat! He will play peek-a-boo with it for a long time.

He is fascinated by birds and loves for Jake to take him outside to look for them.

He and Camp are playing really well together. Today when we took this picture they were pulling leaves off of bushes and feeding them to imaginary dinosaurs. : )

We have decided that all adoptive parents should be given a free ipad. It has helped a ton with bonding. I also love the two puppies and two baseball gloves in this picture. So much fun to have brothers!

We couldn't resist putting this picture in of Camp. He has been such a blessing on this trip! Please be praying for his stomach. It is still pretty upset. We are starting him on antibiotics and hope they will help.

Some other things we have learned about Baby U are...

- his favorite color is blue
- he loves music and we hear him singing often
- he primarily speaks Lugandan
- he is shy and soft spoken at first, but is very silly once he warms up to you
- he is very ticklish
- he loves to eat peanuts
- he is potty trained!
- he's going to make a great Box!

We can't wait to share more pictures and maybe even video once we receive guardianship! Please keep praying that happens on this coming Friday. We love and miss you all!


Janell said...

Oh my goodness!! So precious!! Love the picture of the boys walking off together. Such buds they will be! Our love and prayers are certainly with you.

Anonymous said...

Agree, fav picture is the two brothers walking off to see what troubble they can find together. What a happy family of four. Thanks so much for sharing your adventure. It is super inspiring!!
-Andrew and Sarah

Anonymous said...


erica tullis said...

So very precious! Those pictures are priceless! I love them playing on the bed they look like they've always been best buds!

D Rust said...

Thanks for sharing these very creative photos! They are so cute together. All 4 of us are praying every night for you guys!
Love you guys!
Dawn & Alan