Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fun with Friends

We had some fun adventures with friends over the holidays! This is Camp with his friend Noah.
We took them to see Christmas lights. I am a huge sucker for Christmas lights and will take any chance I can to see them.

We tried out a new place this year. In Austin, off of 37th street there are a number of houses that get together and decorate for Christmas... hippie style.

Our good friends the Hunts and us went to go check it out.
I will say, although I appreciate the eclectic nature of it all, I was a little underwhelmed. There just were not very many houses with their lights on, but we had a great time with our friends and Camp loved hanging with his buddy Noah.

Just in case you have never been able to experience a hippie Christmas, here is a picture for you.

Yes, yes... that would be a stuffed animal. This is actually a Stuffed Animal Petting Zoo someone set up at their house.

I'm not kidding.

In fact, each stuffed animal came with a neatly typed Bio. For example, the pink Unicorn shown above was rescued as a baby and adopted and raised by a family of Flamingos.


There were even adoption forms laying out for anyone to fill out if you wanted to rescue one of these furry creatures.


I just wish I had gotten a picture of the Sock Monkey Nativity scene at another house down the street.

Anyway- on to other news... My sweet parents went in with us to buy Camp a play scape for the back yard. It was kind of a birthday and Christmas present all in one.

Words can not describe how much my son loves being outside. Having a "park" at home is beyond his wildest dreams.

Jake finished putting it together late one night and so first thing in the morning we took him out to see it. This is his sweet, sleepy face seeing his gift for the first time....

And this is his first trip down the slide...

Love it!
He beams every time he looks out the window and begs for his "jacket" and "cold hat" so he can go play on it.

Fun times.

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Taylor Made said...

Welcome to our hood.. We didn't make it over there to see the lights this year, but your story sounds OH SO COMMON!! Can't wait for an update on Baby U!