Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Movie for U

December 13th, 2010 will be a day we will never forget.

Three amazing things happened that night:
1. We got to see a tangible picture of what it looks like when the body of Christ gets together to care for the orphan.
2. We were reminded how richly God has blessed us with great friends and family who love us and want to help us follow Christ.
3. We got to see once again that God is clearly going before us in this process to adopt.

When we started our adoption process our dear friends Adam and Kendall approached us and said they wanted to head up a fundraiser for our adoption. They worked countless hours. They put together a fundraiser at Alamo Drafthouse with a pizza buffet, movie and silent action. We called the night Movie for U.

We were blown away when it became a sold out event. Once the night started we were met with face after face of people we love dearly who have walked through different stages of life with us. We had old coworkers, students we had discipled, couples that had mentored us, friends we have grown close to and family there. They were all in one room together... and it was beautiful.

It was so emotional looking out over this room of people. A room of people who love us. A room of people who were there to help us bring our son home. Words truly can not describe quite what that feels like.

When the night came to an end, we had raised close to $8,000 towards our adoption.

And I cried.

This night would never have been possible without our amazing friends Adam and Kendall. They gave so much of themselves to pull off this event. They did it because they love us, because they love Jesus... and because they are already falling in love with Baby U. We are richly blessed with dear friends. We hope to walk through the rest of our lives with them. We hope to bless them the way they have blessed us. We look forward to the day they get to meet Baby U and he gets to meet them. The people who helped bring him home.

Thank you Adam and Kendall.
And thank you to everyone else who came to Movie for U.
You have forever impacted our families lives.

We love you.

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