Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm still here...

So, I guess by now you've picked up on the fact that I'm not a very good blogger.
I long to be a great blogger.
I go throughout my day blogging in my head...
but I seem to get overwhelmed by how much I want to say...
or feel like I need a picture...
and many blog post fall to the wayside as a result.
One of my goals for the year is to start blogging more regularly.
(Wish me luck!)

One of the reasons you haven't hear much from me about our adoption is because we are just
and waiting...
and waiting...

Any day now we should get a picture and info of our sweet baby u.
(It's called a referral in the adoption world.)
This waiting period is harder than I expected.
Partly because I didn't expect to feel so connected to this sweet boy so soon.
But I do.
Turns out when you pray for a person as long as we have been praying for baby u...
God gives you His heart for them.
So, I feel like a mom right now... longing to see the sweet face of my son who lives half way around the world.

I want to use this waiting time as a time to prepare my heart.
A time to prepare my family.
A time to grow in reflecting the character of Christ.
(I will blog more about that later... when I'm ready to put those words in print.)

There are normal days, and hard days as we wait.
Some days I wake up with a hurt in my heart.
Psalms 68:6 says "God puts the lonely in families..."
I understand that verse now.

I know I sound scattered right now... but in an attempt to be more faithful in blogging... I will publish this post regardless.
Hopefully you can make sense if it.

We are doing well over here.
We are having good family time.
Camp is getting to be such a big boy.
I love being that boy's mama!

Just be praying for us as we wait.
Pray that we will trust and REST in the Lord's timing.
I hear that His timing is perfect. : )

And please keep praying for baby u.
Pray that he is healthy.
I can't bare to think of him being sick without his mom.
Pray that he is loved on like crazy.
That people are telling him about Jesus.
And that somehow... he has a hope of his family to come.

I hope all of you are doing well.
Thanks for caring about our little family.
And thanks for not giving up on our blog.

p.s. The weather is finally perfect for the park again...

... and that is awesome.


sara @ it's good to be queen said...

praying for your sweet baby. blessings, friend!

Lindsey said...

I blog in my head all day long, too...but never seem to find the time to set one up. So I understand. Can't wait to see his sweet face!