Wednesday, June 17, 2009

6 Months

Ok... so I have been the worst mom ever and never wrote  about my son turning 5 months! Camp is now 6 1/2 months, so I am going to have to just catch you up on what he is loving these days! 

Here are some of Camp's favorite things at 6 months:

 1. Camp LOVES to move. Whether it is doing the army crawl, rolling over or just simply kicking his feet, he is ALWAYS on the move.
2. He really likes solids. We started solids with him a few weeks ago. Although he has liked everything we have introduced him to, bananas are by far his favorite. He smiles the whole time he is eating them!
3. He is so curious about everything.
4. Camp loves to play hard! He will play "Where's Baby Camp" (peek-a-boo) for 30 minutes straight. He loves playing with his dad especially.
5. He loves his thumb. He sucks and chews (he's teething) on it off and on all day long. He always sleeps with his thumb in his mouth now.
6. He just started sitting up a couple of weeks ago and life is so much sweeter.
7. The boy loves a good beat. He is fascinated when we drum our hands on the table or beat box. (The beat boxing is not a very pretty sight, but he loves it!)
8. He loves having his Aunt Kaley and (soon to be) Uncle Sabi around!
9. Camp finally figured out how to get his feet in his mouth (he has been trying for forever now, but the boy has chunky thighs!). He plays with his feet all of the time now.
10. He has a favorite blanket that he sleeps with every night. When you lay him down he immediately sticks his thumb in his mouth and starts reaching for his blanket with the other hand. (too cute!)

We are having a blast with our little guy! He gets more and more fun each week.
I'm so sad that I haven't been more faithful with my updates. As you know, life has been a little crazy. We are finally in our new house now so I should be posting more frequently now! I'm looking forward to tell you about all of our adventures with Camp!

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elizabethcarroll said...

Goodness! He has changed so much since I saw him last!!! Can't wait to see you guys soon!