Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Who says you can't be spontaneous with a baby?

So, about a week ago my sister in law had her graduation in Dallas from UNT. (Congratulations Kaley! We're proud of you!) The whole family was driving to see her graduate, but Jake and I decided that the trip plus the graduation would be a bit much for Camp. That's a lot of sitting for our active little boy! So, Camp and I were going to spend a quiet weekend in Austin alone. But the morning of the graduation before Jake left he gave me the idea of taking a spontaneous trip to Houston instead. I loved the idea so in the matter of about 15 minutes Camp and I changed our plans, loaded up in the car and drove to Houston! It was great! We were able to spend some great time with my Aunt Janell, Uncle Mike and Julie who were in town visiting my parents, spend time with my Nana and celebrate my dad's birthday with him! Since my camera cord is still packed with all of our stuff, my Aunt (who takes great pictures by the way) took some pics of Camp that weekend and sent them to me. So here are a few of the pictures she took while we were there.

This is a cute picture she took of our feet. LOVE it!

Camp is eating solids now and loves it!

Look at those precious chubby cheeks!

The boy loves to eat!

Camp with his Papa on his birthday. Happy Birthday Dad!


Anonymous said...

So happy! I miss you guys!

the Hunts said...

Camp is so cute, and getting so big. I love that you guys do so much with him. I am hoping we will be the same way with Noah.

McKay said...

Cute cute!

Krista Box said...

Thanks girls! McKay- it is GREAT to hear from you! I miss you friend! Beth and Michelle, I am SO excited for you guys having little boys. They are the best! They love their mamas and I love how active they are. It keeps me busy, but I love playing with him!

ame said...

I love the picture of the feet! Such a great idea!