Wednesday, April 1, 2009

4am... my favorite time of the day

Camp is such a great baby. He is pretty scheduled and I love it. He goes to bed at 8:00 every night, wakes up between 4 and 5am for a feeding and then goes back to bed until 8:00 that next morning. He is such a good little sleeper. Although, last night I woke up for that 4am feeding not praising my son for his good sleep habits!

Last night I was so tired when I went to bed. I fell asleep almost instantly. I was sleeping so great when sometime around 4am I heard a familiar noise. It was Camp waking up for his 4am feeding. My first thought was "please go back to sleep so I can keep sleeping" (spoken to myself in a very whiny voice). Then I groaned out loud, got out of bed and walked into the nursery dreaming of the day when my son sleeps all night.

When I got into the nursery and saw my sweet baby greeting me with delight I melted. "Why would I ever want to miss this?" I thought to myself. He and I cozied up in our overstuffed chair and I was reminded how precious that time is with him. He is so sweet and cuddly at this feeding. I love that. I felt convicted and saddened by my bad attitude about waking up to take care of him and I hated that just 2 minutes earlier I was wishing this time away. What was I thinking? I realized just how much I will miss these times once he starts to sleep all night. These sweet times that we have every morning around 4am have quickly become my favorite time of the day. That is our time. No one else has had that time with him but me. It is a time each day that we rock, cuddle, pray, smile at each other and bond. I can tell that he loves that time too. He always gives me sleepy smiles and rubs my arm or side with his little hand. It is a time filled with such tender moments. 

When he is done eating I always have trouble putting him back in bed. I find myself wanting to just rock him until morning. Once I finally lay him down he always smiles at me and tries to talk. I like to think he is telling me what a great time he had and that he loves me... because that is what I say to him. Such sweet moments I too often take for granted. I love everything about this little boy. I will not take for granted those 4am feedings anymore. I will charish them knowing that they are limited. They will not last forever and until that day comes... 4am is my favorite time of the day.

I will attach a picture soon! 


Ellie said...

that was a really sweet post!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ellie - so sweet!