Friday, December 26, 2008

I love being a mom!

So, on November 28th at 10:35pm I had my sweet baby boy. We named him Camp Daylin Box and he is precious! Ever since then I have attempted to blog about our new life with him, but would continue to get interrupted by one of the many duties of being a new mom. But now Camp is 4 weeks old and I feel like I am starting to get my feet back underneath me once again. 

I can not tell you just how much I love being a mom! I am completely sleep deprived, I have changed many messy diapers and there have been times where he has been crying and I have had no idea what was wrong... but I have loved every minute of it. It melts my heart when he grabs my finger, drifts off to sleep or smiles. Although I am the one doing all of the talking, I feel like we are learning each other and bonding more each day. 

Jake is an amazing dad! I always knew he would be... but he has far past any expectations that I had. He is a natural. From day one he has had a connection with Camp and has taken care of him like a pro. Camp loves his dad! It is obvious when you see them together. Anytime Jake holds him he is instantly soothed. There have been times that Camp has been crying and Jake would talk to him. As soon as he would hear Jakes voice he would stop crying. He adores his dad and I can't blame him. =)

Although Piper (our dog) has been severely neglected at times, she is adjusting well. She is pretty attention starved, but she is hanging in there. At first she wouldn't give Camp the time of day... but she is getting more interested in him every day. It won't be long before they are the best of friends and making my life very difficult! This is a picture of Jake, Piper and Camp in a onsie that our sweet friend Ellie make for him.

Becoming a mom has completely changed my life... and I love it. I am so thankful for my sweet family.

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Beth LoSurdo said...

Yay Krista!...I am so happy for you and I LOVE reading your blog. I can't wait to have lots of fun adventures with Camp and Addison. Keep the updates coming!