Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Story

So... one of the first things you learn when you find out that you are pregnant is that everyone has a birth story. Within the brief 9 months of pregnancy you will hear hundreds of stories of how other women had there babies. Some terrifying, some funny and some sweet... but all stories nonetheless. Well, about 7 months into my pregnancy I found out that Camp was breach. Due to high blood pressure we decided to not try and turn him (because that sounds like so much fun) and just see if he turned on his own. It became pretty obvious that he was not going to budge so my doctor scheduled a c-section for me a week before my due date. I was feeling pretty good about the decision, but there was a part of me that felt a little let down. Not that I wanted a traumatic birth story to share... but I did feel a little sad that there would be no story at all. I mean... what is so interesting about a scheduled c-section? 

Well... let's just say things didn't go as planned. So, here is my story...

First of all... wow was I huge! I was 2 and 1/2 weeks from my due date and feeling like the Goodyear blimp. I was so uncomfortable and wishing that the next couple of weeks would go faster. It was the day after Thanksgiving and Jake and I were hanging out at his parent's house. We had spent the day with his parents and his sister talking about how we couldn't wait for Camp to be here and trying to find a way for Kaley to make it for the delivery without missing a final. I had just woken up from a nap and joined the rest of the family in the living room. I curled up in my mother-in-laws beautiful new overstuffed chair and was ready to visit for the rest of the evening. That is the last peaceful minute that I remember. The next thing I know, I am feeling a very strange sensation. It takes a second to register that I have water gushing out of me. Oh yes... gushing. 

Let's take a second here because you always hear that if your water breaks (I say "if" because it doesn't happen to everyone) that most likely it will only be a trickle of liquid over a long period of time. They say that although you hear of peoples water breaking and it being a gush... it is the rare situation. So let's just say I had written it off as a possibility altogether. So, when I felt the gush... it took a while to process what was going on, because what it felt like was going on... wasn't suppose to be happening... at least in my mind. 

So, back to the story. I am sitting in my mother-in-law's brand new chair and I finally realize that my water broke. I jump up out of the chair, my eyes are wide and I am terrified. I announce that I believe my water just broke and no one seemed to question it. Maybe because I quickly looked like I had just jumped into a pool. The next events all happen at the same time and over the next 3-5 minutes: Everyone in the room jumps up and instead of sharing in my terror... they were giving thumbs up and talking about how fun this is, to which I quickly responded that fun was definitely not the word! Everyone just seemed to run in circles with no idea what to do. Jake was amazing and ran over to me and immediately called my parents to tell them it was time. I almost stopped him because I wasn't "sure" it was going to happen that night. I mean... I wasn't ready at all. My luggage was at our house and my c-section wasn't scheduled for another week. In my head I was wondering if I could make it a while longer. Once I realize that no one knows what to do, I ask for someone to bring me a towel and someone to call the hospital. Meanwhile I am standing still and continue to gush. Jake is trying to keep me calm when Kaley shows up with a hand towel. Remember... I look like I had just jumped into a pool and continue to only get more wet. I think Kaley realized it was too small once she gave me the hand towel so she went and got a bigger towel for me to try. At the same time my mother-in-law is asking me how to call the hospital and hands me the phone to see if I want to talk to them. Ummm... wasn't so much in the mood or frame of mind to talk to the hospital, so I asked her to talk to them for me. My father-in-law isn't sure what to do and I think just stands there smiling. I decide to change into sweat pants before we leave for the hospital since my jeans are so wet, which wasn't the brightest idea since I was still gushing. Jake and I hoped into the car and headed off to the hospital. His parents and Kaley following close behind. This part is hazy... but I remember Jake making phone calls and me texting. We get to the hospital and Jake asks if I want him to park first or drop me off. We immediately start laughing as we both realize we are living out a Brian Regan sketch. He drops me off and I wait for him to walk in with me. My heart is pounding and as I walk in I am wondering why everyone else there is completely calm and laid back... I mean hello people... I'm about to have a baby! 

We find a sweet nurse who sets me up in a post op room. While the nurse was asking me questions Dr. Irvin was driving to the hospital and a quickly growing group of family and friends congregated  in the waiting room. 
Once Dr. Irvin got there she said that I would have the baby in 30 minutes. I didn't realize just how literal she was. Soon after that she wheeled me in the delivery room and gave me my spinal. Jake came in and sat down by my head to talk to me, but I think we only said two sentences to each other when Dr. Irvin announced that it was time and showed us our sweet baby boy. What a whirlwind! He was finally here and I had survived. Amazing. So, that's my story. It turns out I ended up having one after all.

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