Monday, October 24, 2011

Turning the Corner

Hard to believe that today marks the beginning of our third week here in Uganda. I feel like so much has happened and so many things have changed during the past two weeks.

We feel like we are turning a corner in many ways right now. We are making progress and it feels so good. One of the big steps we've taken is we moved into a new house on Friday.

So, here is where we came from...

A playroom shared with 29 other kids.

And a bedroom shared with 14.

It was a blessing in many ways to live at the baby home. It was so hard, but good for us to see and live what our son had been seeing and living for months. I am thankful for that time, but I am so grateful to be in our new house!

So, here's where we are now...

There is a big yard for the kids to play in.

It is gated. So, yes mom, we are safe. The night guard's name is Roger. : )

Here is our living space. The living room and dining room. We are sharing the house with another family. They have a sweet daughter that is 2 years old as well. They are adopting 2 younger boys from the same baby home.

I've been hand washing all of our laundry. Have I mentioned that yet? I feel like I deserve some kind of credit for this. I think that my washer and dryer make my top 5 things I miss about being home list.

We are settling into our new place and getting into a new routine as a family. Enock is doing great and adjusting to all of the change so well. I love getting to see him bond more and more with us each day.

He and Camp and becoming good friends and are acting more and more like brothers. I have memories from the past few days of them holding hands on walks, laughing hysterically together, sharing and looking out for each other that will forever warm my heart.

Here are a couple pics of them...

Did you notice their cool hats? If you know Camp, you know that he LOVES wearing hats. Turns out E loves hats as well! The church staff got the boys these "Box Brothers" hats. They are too cute! They wore them their very first day as brothers!

So, I'm sure you are wondering what is next for us. There are 3 key things that need to happen before we can come home.

1. Enock has to see a Doctor
2. We have to get his passport
3. We have to get his visa

We are taking E to the doctor tomorrow and should receive his passport by Thursday. You can only go to the Embassy for a Visa Interview on Monday's and Wednesday's so we will show up next Monday to turn in all of our paperwork for his Visa. Once they have processed it and we have it in hand we are free to come home!

We hope to be on a plane home next Wednesday or Thursday. Please be praying along with us that this process goes quickly and smoothly! One thing we have learned living here is nothing seems to come easy and nothing is as straight forward as it should be. We know God is bigger than that though and are praying that these last steps in the process are taken with great ease and we are able to come home soon. We love all of you guys and can't wait to be back in Austin as a family!


Anonymous said...

Loving those hats and loving your positive spirit. Keep up the good work! Can't wait to see everyone!Praying for a speedy homecoming with ya'll.
Love-Andrew and Sarah

P.S. Mad, Mad, Mad props for washing the laundry by hand, super woman.

Beth said...

Oh my goodness. The picture of your boys with their hats is just too much for me! Love it so much.

We are praying for a quick return! Can't wait to see you guys again!

Lindsey said...

YAY for space to spread out, and for super cute pics of your boys...still a little weird that you are now a mom of 2! Can't wait for you to come home!

Cynthia said...

Those hats!! ADORABLE!! Glad to hear things are settling in. We are praying that these last few things are smoother than the rest has been. Love you guys!!

Anonymous said...

That is so great! I am happy for you and your family!!