Sunday, October 10, 2010

Where I've been...

Wow... where have the past 4 months gone?! I feel like I should introduce myself again.

Hello, my name is Krista...

Ok, not really, but a lot of time has gone by huh?

Well, I certainly haven't lost my desire to blog. I have actually been spending the past 4 months trying to create another blog. I know you're thinking "4 months, really???" ... and the sad answer is yes, 4 months really.

We have had so much change in our family over the past several months that I really desired to start a whole new blog to keep you in the loop. Unfortunately it wasn't in the cards for me. So... I'm back! Happy Camper will change it's name and it may even one day change its domain, but regardless, I'm back.

I am so looking forward to catching you up on these lost months! God has been working in some HUGE ways in our little Box family and we hope that you can join our journey from this point forward.

So, let's get caught up!

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