Saturday, May 15, 2010

What's been keeping me from blogging...

ok, so I know this is probably really dumb to most of you, but what has been keeping me from blogging is my blog title.

yes... honestly... that is it. I am no longer going to be blogging only about Camp and therefore feel like my blog title needs to change.

I have spent a long time trying to think of a new creative name and have come up with nothing.


so, here I am... this is me diving in even though my title is not ready.

I am hoping that once I start blogging the new creative title will just present itself. as you keep up with my blog feel free to give me ideas if they come to you.

thanks for being so patient!

stay tuned for many blog posts coming your way in the super near future!


McKay said...

Aww, that is sad! You may or may not want to use your name, but how about Box Car Journeys - or you know, something train-like.

Hayley said...

I still faithfully check your blog every day, and today, I was finally rewarded for my efforts, with some new posts! Hurray!! : )

Krista Box said...

Thanks friends!I actually just decided this week to create a new blog/website. I will keep posting here until then and will let you know when I launch the new one!