Thursday, August 13, 2009

8 Months

I can't believe that my little boy is 8 months old now! This really does go by fast doesn't it! Well, we are have a blast over here in the Box household. Camp is always a great source of smiles and laughter. Here are some of the things he loves at 8 months:

1. Camp loves to laugh! If you laugh at him, he will laugh back. He is such a happy kid!
2. Climbing just might be his favorite past time. He will climb anything and anyone.
3. He still LOVES to play "Where's Baby Camp" (or peek a boo for most of you).
4. He could be outside all day long. He loves being outside and swinging is still an all time favorite.
5. I take him to the pool often because he loves being in the water. He loves to splash!
6. Camp love his dog. With every month he becomes more and more aware of Piper. He loves it when she licks his feet and hands. Too cute!
7. Peas may be his new favorite food. I do not understand this one... but he loves them.
8. He loves sitting in my lap and reading or sometimes he will lay on his back on the bed with Jake and read his books. I love those moments too!
9. I'm not sure why I haven't mentioned this before, but Camp is obsessed with this large red vase that is on his Lalee's Kitchen. I will have to post a picture of this later. He love standing up by it and touching it.
10. Camp loves his two babysitters Faith and Kaitlyn! I need to get a picture of them together soon.

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