Thursday, February 5, 2009

Last Night

Wednesday night was our last Night Life. (Night Life is a mid-week meeting time for our high school students.) As many of you know Jake has a new job at a church in North Austin so this is our last week at our current church... and last night was our last Night Life with our students. We have spent time with them twice a week for almost 4 years now. Not to mention living together for 3 weeks out of the summer with Boot Camp, BYBC and mission trips. So, needless to say... last night was hard... very hard. God, being so good has made it clear that He is leading us someplace else, but no matter how excited we are about what God is doing or how much we trust Him... it is always hard to leave relationships. We love our students like family. And although we will continue these friendships for the rest of our lives, we will still miss seeing them each week and sharing so much of life together each summer. I know that this post doesn't have much to do with Camp, but it does have to do with "family". A family that has loved Camp since before he was born. A family that we will tell Camp about as he grows up. And a family that we will greatly miss. I am proud of our students. Many of them are striving to be more like Christ and making Him the center of their lives. I hope that Camp loves God like that when he is in high school. We are truly excited about where God is leading us and what He has in store for us. We are excited about reaching this city with the life changing reality of Jesus Christ. And we are excited about the day that our students go to college, graduate and join us in our ministry here. Our great friend Jason took this picture of us at Night Life last night. I love it. This is Camp in his first youth group.


Ellie said...

That's a great picture! I'm sure last night was hard and Jeremy and I continue to pray for you guys as you go through your transition. We love you!

Beth said...

Can I just 'ditto' what Ellie said?

We are praying for you guys through this transition and we can wait to see where God takes y'all!

MiMi said...

I know that night was very hard!!! One day Camp will come to understand how loved he is and was by these young people!

Mom and Dad pray for you guys everyday and for the transition you are going through!!!

We love you very much!

Mom (MiMi)

Krista Box said...

Thanks guys! We are so blessed to have all of you in our lives. We really appreciate the prayers. We are excited about what God is doing right now. And Ellie... it will be fun seeing you more often now! See you next Sunday!